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Version History

1st October 2010

Version 1.32c is now available.  This is the same code as 1.29e onwards, but with an internal change to the copy protection system.  

22nd May 2010

Version 1.31 is now available. This is the same code as 1.30 and 1.29e, but with an updated copy protection system.

5th December 2009

Version 1.30 has been tested with Windows 7 and seems to work OK.

28th July 2009

Version 1.30 is now available.  This uses a different copy protection system to work with Vista, as well as older versions of Windows, but is otherwise unchanged internally.

5th October 2005

Version 1.2.9e is now available.  This is merely a bug-fix release.

11th June 2005

Version 1.2.9d will be available from the download sites in a few days.  This is identical to 1.2.9c with the corrected stemlist.dit.

27th May 2005

Version 1.2.9c is now online.  This uses the latest version of the Whitaker dictionary (1.9.7Ed) with additions by John White.  Many thanks to both of you.  Minor alterations also made.  

There is a bug in this version: the stemlist.dit file in c;\program files\ql is corrupt.  Get a zipped updated one from here, unzip it and copy it over the old file.

9th February 2004

Version 1.2.9 is now online.  The only change is to the copy protection system.

20th December 2003

Version 1.2.8b is now online.  This merely updates the copy protection system to deal with a clash on Windows XP with Norton Anti-virus.

18th September 2003

Version 1.2.7 is now online.

2nd September 2003

Version 1.2.6 is now online.  

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