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Once you start the program, the main window appears like this.  


To try the program out, just type some Latin into the Latin box, and press the [Translate] button.  It will take the contents of the top box and run them through the dictionary and syntax parser...

... and this is what you get.

The right pane contains the translation.  QuickLatin cannot do a perfect job of this, so what you get is its best effort.  In this case it has made a very decent effort, but even so it needs a little work to turn into real English.  More often the words will not make sense without more work.

To help you in this, the grammar box contains the parsing information for each word.  Notice the cursor over 'sano' in the Latin pane: that's the word that will be displayed in the bottom pane.

Sometimes there is more parsing information than will fit in the box.  In this case, the middle pane becomes scrollable.  Of course to scroll it means moving the cursor out of the top pane, so you must hold down the shift key so you don't change the word being displayed.  (If you forget, the status bar at the bottom reminds you).

The grammar box contains fairly abbreviated information.  However you can get some information on the meaning by holding the cursor over the abbreviation in question...

... and the result appears on the status line.

In this example, 'sano' has four possible morphologies, which are listed.

Here the cursor is over the 'DAT' on the third possible case - the DATive.  A look at the status bar shows that this is the 'Case' of the word.

There are also a couple of pages of options you can set to control how QuickLatin will appear next time you start it, and a help file is also supplied.

The box with a number on the toolbar allows the user to wind down the amount of word repositioning in the translation, as this can produce garbage in some sentences.

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