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A Latin-to-English Translation Assistant

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QuickLatin is a Latin translator tool which helps you translate Latin into English.  It has dictionary and parsing capabilities, plus some sentence-handling abilities. It is based on the Whitaker's Words 1.97 dictionary and includes algorithms like those of Words, but adds sentence and translation handling code.  

At the moment it does not have the ability to handle  English into Latin.  

  [zipfile] Download QuickLatin 1.32c (6 Mb) for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 from Google sites.  
[zipfile] Download QuickLatin 1.32c (Mirror)
[zipfile] Download QuickLatin 1.32c (Slow site - please avoid if possible)

New: Download beta version of QuickLatin 2.2 (4 mb).

System Requirements

These products will run on all versions of Microsoft Windows including Win10.

Installation Notes

All you need to do is double-click the downloaded .exe file.  

Note: If you obtained a .zip file download, this contains the .exe installer.  Open the zip file in Windows Explorer and double-click on the .exe file.

What does it do and why?

QuickLatin is a translation assistant, not a translator. Proper machine translation would require very much more intelligence than a mere computer program can possess. It is purely a dumb robot. It gets all the possible matches for a Latin word from its dictionary, and then strings some sort of meaning together. Then it's up to you.

You type your text into one window, it runs Words and displays output in another. It isn't intended for massive files, although output can be saved.

Known Bugs and risks

There are currently no known bugs. Bug reports are welcome.  Check the versions page for bugs fixed recently.

When you install it, try running it with something like 'amo' to check the installation worked. You are not recommended to enter very large quantities of Latin text as a first test, as this will be very slow!

Note: if you get an error when running QuickLatin "(000000B7) Cannot create a file when that file already exists." this means that you did not install on Vista using "Run as administrator".  Uninstall and rerun the installation program using "Run as Administrator".


The downloadable demo is fully functional, and will run for 30 days.  A 'nag' screen reminds you to purchase each time you run it, but you do not need to do so until 30 days have passed.  You may of course choose to uninstall the demo instead of purchasing.

At the end of the 30-day period, you will be obliged to purchase it using your credit card if you wish to continue using it.  The price is $29.  If you use some other currency, the credit card operator will convert it into British pounds.

You purchase the software from within QuickLatin itself, not from this site.  Do this by clicking the button marked 'Purchase' on the'nag' screen, with your internet connection running.  This will take you to a secure server, run by PAYPAL, where you can pay by various methods. Then you will email us the site id of your copy, and we will email you an unlock code.

If you are uncomfortable with placing your credit card details on the internet, and don't want to use Paypal, you can send us a cheque on a UK bank for 20 pounds sterling, we can also do an unlock this way.   Contact us to agree this.

Please register if you find yourself using the product.  

Contacting Us

Please use this form to contact us.  Constructive comments and suggestions (and bug reports!) are very much welcomed. In particular, we'd love to have some idea of what you use QL for -- we get very little feedback.  

Please, please, please, don't send us emails asking us to translate stuff for you from Latin into English or (worse) English into Latin -- we don't have the time to do this, so we have to ignore such emails. 

Last updated 6th March 2020.

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